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" Welcome to DietPills.us, your first step in finding the best diet pills for you. Whether you are looking to buy diet pills, seeking diet pills reviews or just seeking weight loss product information, you will find it all here. Find unbiased information about all types of diet pills, including prescription diet pills like Phentermine and Adipex and non-prescription diet pills, including the top-rated Phentramin-d."

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Proactol is a nonprescription diet pill that claims to help its users to burn 28 percent more of the fat intake from their food consumption every day.

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Ionamin is for patients who are obese and whose excess weight is causing them to be at risk of suffering from an associated medical condition.

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No-Weighting by Magna-Rx is a weight loss supplement that has been designed to help speed up the process of losing weight and help to make exercise easier.

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Bombshell Fat Fighter

If you have been on the hunt for a stimulant-free fat burner, you may have come across Bombshell Fat Fighter. A weight...

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Phytodren is a nonprescription weight loss supplement that is marketed as being able to provide high levels of weight loss by helping with fat burning.

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Thermogenic Activator Plus

Thermogenic Activator Plus advertises itself as a supplement that will help with weight loss by assisting in burning fat more quickly than it naturally would occur.

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Red Cutz

Red Cutz is a weight loss nutritional supplement that was developed to replace Red Hotz, which is no longer on the market, and is labeled as a pure ECA (ephedra, caffeine, aspirin) stack.

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Although this product has not been manufactured or sold by MuscleTech since 2007, Diet-Tech diet pills can still be purchased through a number of other online websites.

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Asia Black 25

Asia Black 25 is an extremely powerful fat burner designed to help dieters to lose weight, but that contains ephedra, according to its own advertising.

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Snooze & Lose

Snooze & Lose is a bedtime weight loss from Rise-N-Shine. The claim for this product is that it is specially...

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