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3G BURN is an over the counter, American-made diet pill. It was formulated by a company called Intechra Health Inc., which uses only scientifically studied ingredients in all its products, including this one. That business sells several different weight management supplements as well as pills for other wellness categories.

These particular capsules are the company’s all natural formula to help support the efforts dieters are making to lose excess fat from their bodies using healthy strategies. This includes nutritious dieting and regular exercise. These pills aren’t designed to be used all on their own but are a kind of tool kit meant to complement a complete weight management strategy.

Each of the natural substances within the proprietary formula was selected due to its nature that can make it easier for a dieter to stick to his or her weight loss strategy. It contains clinically studied appetite suppressants, fat burners and energy enhancers. The fat burners are thermogenic, which means they promote thermogenesis. That’s the process in the body that creates heat.

Though the body naturally does this in order to keep us alive, this type of ingredient encourages that process to occur more intensely. The result is that more fats and calories are burned as fuel for that heat production. This process is only accelerated when it is combined with cardio exercise. Therefore, many people who take 3G BURN and who have included regular workouts as a part of their weight loss strategy enjoy the fact that they know their bodies are burning as many fats and calories as they can.

Equally, many dieters enjoy using appetite suppressants to assist their efforts. The reason is that they can help to reduce the intensity of food cravings. This makes it easier to be able to make better food choices both in terms of what is being eaten and how much. It is in that way that a dieter can best remain within a certain daily calorie range.

Although energy enhancers are frequently overlooked in terms of their value to dieters, that doesn’t mean that they don’t help. In fact, for many people, they can play one of the most important roles in successful dieting, which involves keeping up alertness, drive and motivation. A dieter whose energy level is low may not feel as motivated to exercise or even to prepare a healthy meal. Therefore, 3G BURN contains ingredients meant to help to support that added energy and alertness.

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