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5S Slimming Pills are diet supplements produced by a company based in South Africa. They are an upgrade to a product that was previously known as 4S Slimming Pills. They are marketed as being 100 percent “natural and effective fat burners.” At the same time, the company behind this product also claims that they will raise a user’s metabolism while suppressing the appetite.

These supplements are marketed as being powerful and yet safe to use. That said, at the time of the writing of this review, the official website did not provide any insight into what the ingredients are that make up the formula. The old formula from the 4S Slimming Pills were also not identified in order to provide any comparison with what it used to contain.

This makes it very difficult for a dieter to be able to understand whether or not the product might be right for them. Without knowing which individual ingredients are in a product, a consumer can’t know if they are allergic to anything it contains, whether the product is known to conflict with medications, supplements or medical conditions, or even if there is any research to support the use of any of those ingredients for the purpose claimed by the manufacturer.

Most reputable manufacturers are proud of their formulas and will share them openly on their official web pages. This is the case even if they don’t share the specific amounts in which each substance has been included because it is a proprietary formula.

This should definitely be seen as a red flag against 5S Slimming Pills as doctors will never recommend that consumers take a supplement without knowing what’s in it. In fact, with the information provided through the official website, it is most likely that a doctor would recommend against it until a consumer is able to learn more about what it contains and the way it actually works.

The official website says only that the ingredients are 100 percent natural and safe, but with that statement, it is up to the customer to blindly believe the claim as there is no way to verify it. The company also claims that the ingredients have been “carefully analysed with what the body needs and requires to burn more fat,” but does not cite any reputable studies (or any studies at all, for that matter) that would indicate that acceptable research has been conducted to prove the formula will provide the claimed effects.

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