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AcaiTrio is another one of the massive range of weight loss products that jumped on board the acai berry trend that has yet to be proven by any reputable organization conducting a large or even mid size study. Clever marketing in the industry has made this “superfruit” ingredient wildly popular despite the fact that it has never been directly linked to weight loss by any clinical evidence.

However, just because a product contains acai berry, it doesn’t mean that it won’t work. Therefore, it is a good idea to take a closer look at AcaiTrio to see what else it contains and understand whether or not it could potentially be worthwhile.

This diet supplement is manufactured by a company called DoktorBio, which has an address in the Czech Republic. It does have an official website, but it is exceptionally sales oriented and it is challenging to find any information within the content that does not have a marketing spin attached to it. There are a wide variety of different claims made about these pills on this website, but no evidence of any sort has been cited in order to support those claims.

At the time of the writing of this review, the ingredients that were listed as the core of the AcaiTrio formula were: acai antioxidant, bromelain, and papain. Essentially, this means that the ingredients are extracts of acai berry, pineapple, and papaya.

The acai berry is indeed an antioxidant. It has been compared to blueberries in the level of antioxidants that can be obtained by consuming them when they are fresh. It also claims that this ingredient provides phytosterols, dietary fiber, vitamins, minerals, protein and monosaturated fats. That said, as much as that may sound healthy, there is no direct connection between that ingredient and weight loss and a handful of blueberries could achieve the same goal in a more whole-food, natural way.

Bromelain is a pineapple extract. It is an enzyme found in the juice and the stem and that is believed to promote healthy digestion. Again, as beneficial as this may sound, it is not directly connected with weight loss and it isn’t anything that could not be obtained by eating some pineapple or drinking its juice, with notably more complete health benefits.

Papain is a papaya extract. It is also an enzyme that works with digestion. It helps with the breakdown of several kinds of macronutrient. Although the AcaiTrio website claims that it helps to speed up the metabolism, it does not provide any evidence of this occurrence, none could be found in a search at a medical journal database, and there is nothing that has stated that the metabolic rate increases to the point that it would result in a faster level of weight loss.

Overall, it doesn’t look as though this product would do any harm, but with so many alternatives to AcaiTrio on the market, most dieters would likely be better off finding one that has some proof to back up its claims.

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