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Adicor is a nonprescription diet pill created to be used as a tool to assist people with weight loss. The main benefits of this product as listed on the website of Kat-a-lyst Nutraceuticals, the product’s manufacturer, are: energy boosting and thermogenesis based metabolism enhancement.

This supplement is used by both dieters and bodybuilders alike. The reason is that both of these groups find it important to be able to rapidly burn away excess fat and both need extra energy as well.

While dieters want to reduce their body fat in order to lose weight and achieve a slimmer figure, bodybuilders want to remove the layer of padding overtop of the muscles they’ve worked hard to build. The less fat there is on top of muscles, the more defined and chiseled they appear.

Equally, dieters can greatly benefit from increased energy levels because it is not uncommon to suffer from fatigue when cutting back on calories. After all, calories are the top source of ready energy for the body and it takes more effort for the body to used stored body fat as energy instead.

Bodybuilders can benefit from additional energy because it helps them to power through workouts with a better overall performance. The better they perform, the more likely they are to obtain the results they want.

That said, those effects are only beneficial if Adacor is actually able to produce them. Unfortunately, the official Kat-a-lyst nutraceuticals provides consumers with very limited information regarding the product. This makes it challenging for people to inform themselves and to decide whether or not this is the right product for their needs and expectations.

Beyond a very limited description of the product as a whole an image of the product packaging a list of ingredients and the usage directions, no greater explanations are provided. This leaves potential users guessing with regards to how the product works and what they should expect throughout the time they use it.

The website also fails to mention whether or not there is any research to support the claims made regarding this formula.

At the time this review was written, the ingredients in Adicor included: Phase 1 blend (caffeine anhydrous, green tea extract, cordyceps sinensis, Siberian ginseng, guarana extract, vinpocetine), Phase 2 blend (garcinia cambogia, hoodia gordonii, st john’s wort, 5-HTP), Phase 3 blend (dandelion root, uva ursi, juniper berry extract, buchu extract), Phase 4 blend (citrus aurantium, synephrine HCl, octopamine HCl), Phase 5 blend (commiphora mukul, coleus forskolii, L-tyrosine AKG, Kelp, 3,5 diiodo L-tyrosine), Phase 6 blend (ginger root, cayenne powder), Phase 7 blend (magnolia bark extract, phosphatidylserine), Phase 8 blend (L-taurine, rhodea rosea, bioperine).

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