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Carbuloss is a nonprescription diet supplement that is manufactured in Belgium by a company called Ecopharma. The claims that are made on the official product website are that the use of these pills will help with reducing hunger as well as through the prevention of the absorption of carbohydrates. This places the product in two large categories in this market, which are appetite suppressants and carb blockers.

The idea behind this pill is that people who are hoping to lose weight by reducing the amount of carbs being absorbed by their bodies will find it easier to do so because they can eat slightly more carbohydrates than they otherwise should, without having to worry about their digestion. The concept behind carb blockers is that they stop the body from taking in some of the carbs from food, simply sending them away with the rest of the waste from the body. This is combined with the appetite suppressant feature which helps to reduce the sensation of hunger so that it is easier to eat smaller meals and avoid excessive snacking, without the dreaded “starving” feeling.

Should Carbuloss actually work, this could be a very helpful tool in being able to lose weight more quickly and easily than would be possible with diet and exercise alone. However, it is important to take a closer look at a product than its marketing claims, in order to determine whether or not there is a chance that it could actually live up to its promises.

In the case of Carbuloss, this effort begins by looking at the ingredients that make up its formula. At the time that this review was written, there were four key substances that were identified on the official website. These are: Fabenol Max, salaretin, green tea, and brown algae.

The first ingredient, Fabenol Max, is simply white kidney bean extract. This is a substance that has shown to be promising in some preliminary studies, though a great deal of additional research is required before it can be considered to be “proven” effective, as there have also been a number of studies that have shown its effects to be inconclusive or simply not statistically significant. Supposedly, it functions as an alpha-amylase inhibitor, which means that it reduces the production of an enzyme required to digest carbs. Even if this is true, whether or not its effect is actually powerful enough to produce weight loss has yet to be proven.

Saleretin is a Marking Nut Tree extract that is primarily an antioxidant. While it does have a number of purposes in traditional medicine in India and Sri Lanka, it has yet to be proven for weight loss.

Green tea has been extensively studied for weight loss and in adequate quantities, it can be considered helpful. Brown algae is a type of seaweed found worldwide, containing high levels of iodine. This can cause the thyroid to be stimulated with the purpose of increasing the metabolic rate. Overstimulation of that gland can be dangerous, so it is important to consult a doctor before using anything like this.

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