Non-Prescription Diet Pills


There is more than one way to achieve a healthy body weight, and if you are interested in using diet pills to help you in your endeavor to shed excess pounds, you’ll discover that not only are there different drugs available, but not all of them require a prescription.  With that in mind, you might be wondering, what best non-prescription diet pills are available?

Below is a brief look at some of the popular diet pill products you can obtain without a prescription:

Phentramin-D – This is often considered to be the most powerful and best non-prescription diet pills product on the market.  It contains active chemical ingredients, which have been studied to determine their weight loss effectiveness.  This scientific formula helps a person lose weight by suppressing their appetite and boosting energy.  Phentramin-D is highly effective, producing results similar to the most popular prescription diet drugs.  It can help you stick to your diet plan by reducing your food cravings and giving you the energy you need to maintain your exercise regimen.

Phentramin – Containing a strong blend of herbal ingredients, this natural pill contains Hoodia, which helps suppress an individual’s appetite and boosts energy and metabolism.  It is a great option for those looking for a gentler alternative to Phentramin-D and Phentramine.

Alli – This is a type of best non-prescription diet pills that falls into the fat blocker category.  Its primary active ingredient is Orlistat, which works to lower the amount of fat that is absorbed by the body.  Therefore, a portion of the fat that is consumed is not taken in by the body and passes through the system without being digested. 

Hoodia – Also known as Hoodia Gordonii, this is a popular natural weight loss supplement that can be found in a variety of non-prescription formulas and, when consumed in its pure form with the P57 molecule, it is believed to work as an appetite suppressor, tricking the mind into thinking it is satisfied by smaller meals, reducing feelings of hunger for a longer period of time.    

Keep in mind, the above are only some of the best non-prescription diet pills, and if you are considering using any of these products as a weight loss aid, you need to remember that even those that are considered to be at the top of their class have side effects and may not be suitable for some people.  Also, even if manufacturers claim their formulas to be safe, you should always talk with your healthcare practitioner first before taking any supplement or medication.


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