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Anyone interested in looking for the best ephedra diet pills will want to rethink their interest in weight management drug products that contain this herbal ingredient.  The reason is ephedra has been declared a dangerous herb by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) since 2004, and has been officially banned by the FDA since August 2006, making it illegal to manufacture, sell or purchase anywhere in the United States.

With this in mind, the following are some common questions regarding best ephedra diet pills that you may find useful.

Why has a ban been placed on all ephedra weight loss supplements?

There is strong scientific evidence that ephedra (ephedrine alkaloids) is associated with many health risks.  After years of research, the FDA has found that supplements that contain the ingredient are not very effective weight reduction aids, offering only short-term weight loss, which is even true in the case of best ephedra diet pills.  In addition, the herbal substance was found to have many negative side effects, including raising blood pressure and stressing the circulatory system.  These effects were connected to serious health problems, such as strokes and ailments of the heart.  Other reactions that were discovered included upper gastrointestinal and psychiatric effects, heart palpitations that were mild to moderate, tremor and insomnia.

What does ephedra do? 

An extract of the Ephedra sinica plant, its main active ingredient is ephedrine, a compound similar to an amphetamine that has the potential to act as a powerful stimulant that effects the nervous system and heart.  It increases heart rate and blood pressure while decreasing a person’s appetite and boosting their energy. 

Can any best ephedra diet pills products be obtained legally?

No, as was previously mentioned, it is illegal for any of these products to be made, sold or purchased in the U.S.   That said, there are still those who will attempt to sell ephedra and make the claim that it is “safe” because there is only a low quantity of the substance within their formula.  However, all quantities of the herb, regardless of how large or small, are banned in America.

Is there more than one name to watch for? 

Yes, ephedra is known by many names including – but not necessarily limited to - ma huang, ephedrine, ephedrine alkaloids, sida cordifolia, yellow horse, sea grape, yellow astringent, popotillo, mormon tea, sea ephedrine, squaw tea, and joint fir.

Are there alternatives to best ephedra diet pills?

Yes, there are a number of weight loss pills that claim to be as effective as ephedra but do not contain the herb.  That said, even products that are ephedra-free need to be researched carefully, and you should consult with your healthcare provider before taking these products, regardless if they require a prescription or not.


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