Prescription Diet Pills


The best prescription diet pills are products that are both popular and legal.  However, the weight loss benefits they provide an individual, and the side effects that may be experienced, will differ from one person to the next, because the various ingredients contained within the drugs affect people differently.   In addition, you should know that many of the formulas that are prescribed for fat loss are usually recommended for those who suffer from obesity, are often designed to be used together with diet and exercise, and are not typically meant to be taken for extended periods of time.

That said, you may be curious to know what best prescription diet pills are available and how they can help you reduce your body weight.

Phentermine – This is a stimulant that suppresses the appetite by targeting the central nervous system.  It helps to boost energy levels and causes you to feel less hungry.  It is designed to be used in combination with exercise and diet.  It is often prescribed to treat obesity and is not a long-term medication.

Adipex – This is a brand name phentermine diet pill that contains the chemical substance and active ingredient phentermine, which reacts with your body to suppress your appetite.  

Xenical – This formula is designed to block part of the fat that you consume, preventing your body from absorbing it.  As such, your body does not digest the fat and it simply passes through your system.   Known as a fat blocker, these best prescription diet pills are meant to be used in combination with weight maintenance and a low calorie diet.

Bontril – Similar to an amphetamine, this is a sympathomimetic amine (drug that imitates the effects of the sympathetic nervous system).  It increases your blood pressure and heart rate, while decreasing your appetite.  It is typically prescribed to obese individuals as a short-term supplement to diet and exercise.

Keep in mind, the best prescription diet pills information provided above contains only very brief details about how the mentioned drugs can help you lose weight.  It is imperative that you consult with your doctor and find out all information pertaining to the weight loss medications that interest you, including ingredients, how they work, expected results, how long you can take them, how they should be taken, side effects and any other warnings.   In addition, make sure that the prescription drugs are still approved by the FDA, because even weight management products that were once approved can be withdrawn from the U.S. market at any time.


Prescripton Diet Pills Reviews



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Ionamin is for patients who are obese and whose excess weight is causing them to be at risk of suffering from an associated medical condition.

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