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As of November 7, 2007, MuscleTech no longer produced their product Diet-Tech by MuscleTech. It had been a form of supplement intended to help people to lose weight.

The details of the formula are no longer listed on the MuscleTech website, though its primary goal had been to help make it easier for the body to burn away its fat. There may also have been indications that the product would help to suppress the appetite, help in getting cholesterol levels under control, and provide the sensation of being satisfied more quickly by meals.

Although no longer available on the MuscleTech official website, Diet-Tech pills can still be purchased through a number of other online websites. 

Diet-Tech Ingredients

The primary eight ingredients in Diet-Tech by MuscleTech are:

  • Glucomannan (which claims to – but has not been proven to – regulate the insulin levels in the body)
  • Xanthan Gum
  • Chromium Polynicotinate (which also claims to regulate the body’s insulin levels but requires much more study before it can be accepted as effective)
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid (an antioxidant and may help to regulate blood sugar)
  • Green Tea Extract (which helps to boost the metabolism)
  • Caffeine (a stimulant and a diuretic which helps to make it appear that you’ve lost more weight than you have when water is flushed out)
  • Guarana Extract (which may help the body to burn fat)
  • Yerba Mate (which may assist in the suppression of the appetite, and also contains more caffeine) 

Diet-Tech No Longer Manufactured but Still Available

The official website for Diet-Tech by MuscleTech no longer lists any customer reviews, testimonials, or the price for which it had been sold. Other third-party websites sell Diet-Tech for as little as $10 per bottle.

As the product has not been manufactured for over two years, it is extremely inadvisable to purchase or use any product labeled as being Diet-Tech by MuscleTech. This is because the drug will either be expired or is a fake and it would be impossible to know what you’re actually taking.

The product’s major side effects included the fact that it was possible for the absorption of vitamins and nutrients into the body to be hindered, leading to significant health problems. It was very important to involve a doctor and/or nutritionist in the effort to create a weight loss program when Diet-Tech by MuscleTech was being considered.

October 2019 Update – It should come as no surprise that since Diet-Tech was barely on the shelves back in 2007, today it doesn’t exist at all and is no longer sold online.

The Importance of Avoiding Diet Pill Products Lacking Official Websites

It is not uncommon to come across OTC diet pills that can still be purchased online but that lack an official website or an official product page on the manufacturer’s website, just as was once the case with Diet-Tech.

As much as you may be tempted to buy those products, particularly if they were once popular, can still be found on sites like Amazon and can still be purchased for a decent price, it’s in your best interest to avoid them.

Top Reasons Not to Buy

There are a number of good reasons to avoid buying diet pills no longer available on the manufacturer’s website. Top three reasons include:

  • Lack of reliable customers service – If you have a question about the pills you want to buy or if you would like to know more information about them, etc., you won’t be able to have your questions answered by the support team of the company who crated them.
  • Lack of guarantee – It is a common practice among diet pill companies to provide money-back guarantees with the products they sell. For instance, if you’re not satisfied with what you experience in 30, 60 or 90 days, etc., you can return the product and receive a full refund with no questions asked. Third party sellers don’t typically offer such guarantees.
  • Product is likely discontinued – If the manufacturer no longer exists or if they do exist but are no longer selling the product on their site, this is a good indication that the diet pill has either been discontinued, reformulated or rebranded, which means they’ve deemed the older product not good enough to sell anymore.

It is always best to err on the side of caution when faced with a Diet-Tech situation. Choose a diet pill from a reputable brand from whom you can purchase the product. There are enough nonprescription weight loss aids on the market today that this shouldn’t be a problem.

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