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Future Shape Carb Blocker

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Future Shape Carb Blocker is one of a wide range of products that has been developed with the low carbohydrate diet in mind. Many programs are now recommending that carbohydrate consumption be reduced in order to lose weight more quickly and effectively. However, dieters often struggle with those programs because they force them to reduce the intake of some of their favorite foods.

In order to help dieters to overcome this struggle, there have been dozens – if not hundreds – of carb blocking diet pills added to the market. These products are meant to allow dieters to eat a little bit more of the carbs that they love, without suffering the consequences of doing so, because their bodies will not actually absorb them.

No Clinical Evidence to Support Claims

The primary problem with this type of product is that these products are not clinically proven to actually live up to the claims that are being made about them. Moreover, in the case of Future Shape Carb Blocker, there is a considerable expense associated with using this unproven product. At the time of this review, the full price for one bottle of this product was $79.80, though it was available on sale for as little as $67.83.

There was only one ingredient that could be found to make up this diet pill. Its formula is a “Glycoprotein Complex”, which contains white kidney bean extract. This ingredient is extremely common in this type of pill. The belief is that white kidney bean can block the body from absorbing carbohydrates. While it has been studied to determine its carb blocking effects, the reality is that clinical research has been limited and further studies and longer clinical trials are needed to determine the efficacy and safety of using white kidney bean as a treatment for weight loss.

Moreover, no type of bean has ever been proven to produce a carb blocking effect. Instead, the only potential benefit that it may offer some dieters is a greater sense of fullness through the amount of fiber that it contains. For some people this could mean they will eat less, however, this has also never been proven.

No Physical Activity is Encouraged

There isn’t any type of exercise or diet plan that is recommended with the use of Future Shape Carb Blocker. Therefore, if taken according to the package directions, it would mean that the dieter could assume that they can simply pop pills and experience weight loss.

Unfortunately, no weight loss pills – prescription or nonprescription – function in that way.

For this reason, it is likely much better for you to find a diet pill that has some clinical evidence to support its claims, especially when it comes with a price tag the size of the one attached to Future Shape Carb Blocker.

Future Shape Carb Blocker Review Update August 2020

Future Shape Carb Blocker has likely been discontinued as this dietary supplement for weight management can no longer be purchased online.  Therefore, if you do happen to find it available for sale somewhere, you are strongly encouraged to play it safe and avoid purchasing it as it is not sold by reputable retailers. That said, there are plenty of other OTC carb blocker diet pills available if blocking carbs is the primary support you are seeking.

Five Tips to Keep in Mind When Purchasing OTC Carb Blockers

  1. Make sure the company is reputable – Do not just purchase a product from any company, no matter how good the product may sound. Find out who has manufactured it and look into the brand to find out what they’re about, if complaints have been filed against them, etc.
  1. Look for a money-back guarantee – A company that stands behind its product will offer a money-back guarantee. There is enough competition in the OTC weight loss market that you shouldn’t settle for anything less. 
  1. Research the ingredients – Have a look at the ingredients list and make certain that you are not allergic to the ingredients and find out what potential side effects (good or bad) they may cause.
  1. No carb blocker has been proven – Just as was the case for Future Shape Carb Blocker, no other over-the-counter carb blocker product has been proven effective for supporting or directly causing weight loss. If you choose to take so-called carb blockers remember that the goal is not to go out of your way to eat carbs. You will still need to follow a calorie-conscious diet and engage in regular exercise for optimal weight loss results.
  1. Talk to your doctor first – Many carb blockers contain ingredients that may affect your blood sugar levels. It is a good idea to first speak with your healthcare provider prior to taking any dietary supplement, especially if you have an existing medical condition or are currently taking other medications or supplements.

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