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Genius Burn is a nonprescription weight loss supplement made and marketed by the Genius Brand. This particular pill is considered to be their flagship product. The company claims that it provides an entirely unique presence within the weight loss market. Moreover, it also spotlights the fact that it contains nine ingredients, saying that they are all “clinically backed” and that these give dieters “efficacious doses” of those substances.

The outcome, says the official description for this product, is that dieters will receive simultaneous support for fat loss and brain health. The company goes to great pains to repeatedly point out that the ingredients within this product have all been tested, even going so far as to write it in capital letters. That said, it does not state that the ingredients – or the formula in which they have been used – are proven, only that they have been examined. Moreover, it also does not state that they have been tested for weight loss purposes. Still, the company promises that the fact that the ingredients have been tested can be interpreted as a type of guarantee that they will be safe and effective to use and will, therefore, bring about the desired results.

This is a rather dubious type of claim, as it never actually points to published research in peer reviewed journals. It also doesn’t provide any details regarding the purpose, methods or results of the testing. As a result, the consumer is left to simply assume that the company is being honest and that it will live up to all its claims. Saying that a product or its ingredients have been tested without offering any evidence to support that provides very little value to consumers attempting to educate themselves about a product.

At the time this review was written, the Genius Burn ingredients included several trademarked substances – iFAS503, Sensoril Ashwagandha, TheaCrine, Cognizin, AlphaSize, TheaCrine GS4, Paradoxine, Capsimax, and Astragin – as well as L-theanine and huperzia serrata leaf extract.

While the company does go to great lengths to sing the praises of these ingredients and make broad claims about what the product can do, it never actually explains what each of these substances are or how they are supposed to help a dieter to achieve his or her goals.

As the company behind Genius Burn doesn’t bother providing any real or usable information about its ingredients, it is very important that anyone considering the use of this product should first seek a doctors advice.

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