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Green Stinger is an over the counter diet supplement. It is manufactured by a company called Schwartz Pharmaceuticals from the United States. This product is described as being an extreme fat burner by its manufacturer.

That said, while many companies use that description as a type of marketing ploy, despite the fact that their products can’t live up to them, that may not be the case here. That said, this doesn’t mean that the product should be used by most dieters as safety is a consideration that should be seen as just as important as effectiveness for weight loss.

The reason that Green Stinger may indeed be an extreme fat burner is that it contains a large number of very power stimulants. Not only does it include ephedra its formulation, but it also has synephrine in it and multiple ingredients that contain caffeine. The ingredients with caffeine include guarana, kola nut and yerba mate, which are all high sources of this common stimulant.

While the most important thing any doctor would tell you about Green Stinger is that it is potentially dangerous, before getting started on that topic, this review will examine the claims made about it.

To begin, the description of the product indicates that it works as a thermogenic, which means that it works to boost the metabolism by increasing the body temperature and burn more calories and stored fats as heat. It is also meant to increase energy levels, enhance the mood, suppress the appetite and generate large amounts of fat loss.

At the time this review was written, the official webpage for the product included a supplement facts sheet that identified the formula as: ephedra extract, citrus aurantium, synephrine extract, yohimatrix (two versions of yohimbine HCl), phenylethylamine HCl, acacia rigidula, Theobroma CoCoa, green tea extract, naringen, pure white willow bark extract, evodiamine and TriENRG (kola nut, guarana extract and yerba mate).

That formula is the source of the dangers associated with this product. To start, ephedra extract in any quantity is considered to be an illegal substance in nonprescription diet pills in the United States as well as several other countries. It has been associated with many severe health risks and more than one death. Furthermore, synephrine and caffeine have been labeled as a combination that increases the risk of heart attack, stroke and other cardiac events. It is important for anyone who values his or her health and wellness to avoid illegal ingredients and dangerous substance combinations.

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