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HUM Ripped Rooster

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HUM Ripped Rooster is a fat burn support system from HUM Nutrition. This dietary supplement claims to boost fat burn to optimize workouts. According to the official product page, it acts “as a faithful assistant along your weight loss journey.”

When this HUM Ripped Rooster review was created, the formula was composed of the following ingredients: Chromium, 7-Keto, Green Tea Leaf.

The suggested use is to take 1 capsule, two times a day with food. No other directions were provided. That being said, as this manufacture does state on the official product page that HUM Ripped Rooster is a “faithful assistant” it is likely that this diet pill is meant to be taken in conjunction with other weight loss efforts. These may include following a healthful diet that is calorie controlled and engaging in regular, fitness-appropriate exercise.

Each of the ingredients within the Ripped Rooster formula has been studied. Some research has found that Chromium may help to stabilize blood sugar and may also help to reduce food cravings and food intake. 7-Keto is thought to be a natural metabolite. It can be made by the body and can accelerate metabolism to encourage weight loss, according to some research.

Green tea contains antioxidants called polyphenols that are believed to be important for optimal health. Some studies suggest that green tea could help in health weight maintenance due to its catechins, which have anti-angiogenic properties.

Although some studies related to these ingredients look promising, it should be noted that these are only preliminary studies and that not all studies have resulted in the same outcomes, with some research finding that the ingredients provided no benefit at all.

The bottom line is that much more study is required before it can be clinically determined what these ingredients can actually do and how (or if) they are beneficial to weight loss and weight management in humans.

On the plus side, HUM Nutrition does not make wild claims about Ripped Rooster, such as by taking their product fat will melt off your body or other such nonsense. Their dietary supplement has been developed for fat burn support. Moreover, their product contains only three active ingredients and while there is probably caffeine in the green tea within the formula, it is likely a small amount, which means there is a slim risk that you’ll experience stimulant-related side effects if you take this product as recommended.

Still, as is the case with all dietary supplements for weight loss, it’s always a good idea to consult with your healthcare professional before you add this product to your regular weight loss regimen.

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