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Phentermine is sold under a number of different brand names, one of which is Ionamin. What makes this weight loss drug different from other brand names is that it is comprised of Phentermine resin. This resin complex results in a slow-release form of Phentermine. Ionamin is sold in either 15mg or 30mg capsules.

Ionamin is prescribed only to patients who are obese and whose excess weight is causing them to either suffer from an associated medical condition, or is putting them at a high risk of contracting such a condition. The strength and addictive nature of this drug means that it is prescribed only for a few weeks at a time and to patients who are clinically obese. Using this drug for too long or in an individual who is not sufficiently overweight could lead to severe medical consequences. For this reason, patients who are otherwise healthy and who are simply hoping to lose a few pounds will not be prescribed this medication.

Most doctors will not prescribe Ionamin right away, but will first encourage the patient to try a more natural effort with both dietary changes and increased exercise levels. The drug is prescribed only when those other efforts are not producing the necessary results to improve the weight and health of the patient. Even when it has been prescribed, a low calorie diet and proper exercise regimen will still need to be followed. The only difference is that the drug will help to keep hunger pangs and fatigue to a minimum, so that those efforts are easier to maintain.

There are certain side effects which could occur during the use of Ionamin. They can range from mild to severe and can include anything from headache to jitters, and from nausea to heart palpitations. Abusing this drug by taking it in any way other than as it was directed by the prescribing doctor can cause these side effects to occur with much greater frequency or severity. When used properly, the most common side effects are very mild and will diminish after the first few days of use.

The way that Ionamin works to reduce the appetite and increase energy levels is by impacting the way that signals are sent in the brain. It is the hypothalamus gland that is affected by the use of this drug, and it is this gland which is responsible for the signals that the body is hungry. By reducing those signals, the dieter will not feel hungry as easily, and will be more satisfied by smaller meals.


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