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Kilo Trim is a diet supplement that is based primarily on a type of dietary fiber that has become very popular in non-prescription weight loss pills called glucomannan. It also includes chili extract. The product package recommends that the use of this product be combined with a “sensible diet and exercise plan”.

What Are Kilo Trim Diet Pills?

It is manufactured by New Nordic, which is among the leading Scandinavian health supplement companies. It is available in a number of different countries including the United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States.

The product package claims that it has been clinically proven, though it does not actually make any specific reference that could be found for any reputable human studies that led to the loss of weight through the use of this product when compared to an equivalent weight loss effort without the use of the product.

What Are Kilo Trim’s Ingredients?

The formula was made up of the dried tuber of glucomannan in the form of a powder, with 1,000 milligrams per tablet, as well as 20 milligrams of chili extract (capsicum annuum L. fruit) which was standardized to 0.5 percent capsaicin (100 mcg)). The directions suggest that one tablet be taken three times every day, before meals, with two full glasses of water (8 ounces each).

This product is free of stimulants but is marketed as being a fat burner as well as an appetite suppressant. It functions through its ingredient of the glucomannan fiber, which – when combined with the two glasses of water – can expand many times its original size in order to encourage a feeling of fullness in dieters. The chili contains capsaicin, which is a substance that is known to have a thermogenic effect on the body.

This temporarily causes calories consumed in food to be burned off as body heat, as the reaction causes the body temperature to rise. This can help to reduce the number of calories that need to be burned off through exercise and activity, making it easier to lose weight.

How to Use These Diet Pills

If this product is used according to the instructions, and the right amount of water is consumed along with it ahead of every meal, then even if the ingredients don’t work, it will certainly have an appetite suppressing impact from the water alone. For the thermogenesis to have any real impact, it will need to be combined with cardio exercise. Otherwise, the added calorie burning will not produce a measurable impact.

Overall while this product does have a chance of being helpful to a dieter, the one primary issue is that it is quite expensive. At the time of the writing of this review, a bottle of 45 tablets on the official website for the United States was $24.95. Considering that three tablets need to be taken every day, this means that one bottle is only a 15-day supply, raising the cost of a month’s supply to $49.90. This is a very high expense when compared to other products with similar ingredients.

June 2022 Update

As of June 2022, when this Kilo Trim review was updated, this product is no longer available. The manufacturer has discontinued it and is no longer shipping to stores.  Therefore, if you should avoid purchasing it even if you do find it on a shelf somewhere, as its freshness is no longer assured and New Nordic is unlikely to provide customer support for its use.

If you are looking for an alternative, we recommend having a look at the clinically researched LIPONITRO ingredients and the weight loss strategy supporting benefits they provide.

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