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Leptinal is an over the counter weight loss pill that claims to be able to not only support weight management, but also a range of other health benefits. For instance, it claims to be able to promote better cardiovascular health while boosting thyroid function, supporting healthy blood pressure and cholesterol levels as well as healthy nerves and bones.

This is quite the claim and goes well beyond those of the majority of diet pills that are currently on the market. The description on the official website for this product claims that this offers its users “high quality nutrients” which will lead to “healthy leptin hormone communication.” That said, it specifies that there are neither hormones nor stimulants within this product.

These softgel capsules are focused primarily on controlling the leptin function. Leptin is a hormone that occurs naturally in the body and that is produced by white adipose tissues cells. This moves through the bloodstream and enters the brain. From there, says the official Leptinal website, it controls the signaling of the metabolism which has to do with thyroid function, energy production, liver function, cholesterol synthesis, bone formation and pancreatic function. In this way, the site says that the very heart of weight management is with leptin. When a metabolism is running well, the site says there is a “flow of leptin-dominant communication” among the brain, adipose tissue, pancreas and liver.

However, when adipose tissue is out of shape, it sends “stressful metabolic signals” and this works contrary to proper weight maintenance. The site does not explain exactly how that process works. Instead, it recommends The Leptin Diet book for understanding all their claims, and to use Leptinal to assist in turning off the “metabolically disrupting stress.”

To do this, the Leptinal formula is made of: marine lipid oil, borage oil, pomegranate fruit extract, Sytrinol (which is a proprietary blend that contains polymethoxylated flavones and palm-derived tocotrienols) and tocotrienols.

Unfortunately, while the official webpage for this product on the manufacturer’s website does provide a large amount of information and considerable claims about what the product can do and how, it does not cite any reputable medical or scientific studies that would support any of these claims. Without supporting evidence, it is impossible for a customer to know whether the company is simply guessing or assuming about functions of their ingredients or whether they have actually been proven in a medically acceptable way by a research firm with a good reputation.

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