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Lipobind is an over the counter weight loss supplement that is designed to function as a fat blocker. It is manufactured by a company called Goldshield Healthcare Direct. It is meant to assist dieters in being able to shed their extra pounds by reducing the number of calories that they take in through food because the fat will not be entirely absorbed into the body.

It works by binding to fats from foods, which makes the molecules too big to be absorbed through digestion. Since they aren’t digested, they pass through the body, whole, and are sent out with the rest of the body’s waste. This helps to reduce the number of calories in the foods that are eaten throughout a day. The idea is that by eating a reduced fat diet, taking the pills will reduce the caloric “damage” from fat, even further, and the metabolism can begin burning off stored body fat, instead.

In terms of the specific type of fat, Lipobind is supposed to bind itself to saturated fats because the ingredients in the product specifically adhere to that type of fat. The reaction is supposed to be nearly immediate so that the body will not have much of a chance to digest the fats in the foods that are consumed. That active ingredient in question is a substance that is called Litramine. That is a fiber complex that has been patented and has been studied in a number of different small sized clinical trials. What has been found is that it could potentially be helpful in assisting users with overall weight loss and lowering cholesterol, said the Lipobind official website.

That said, Litramine is essentially just a patented form of a natural substance called opuntia ficus-indica. That plant is also known as prickly pear or cactus pear. Unfortunately, unlike what is claimed on the official website, the studies that have been conducted on this ingredient are not extensive, and the outcomes have been conflicting. While some have suggested that it could be promising and that it is worthy of further study, others say that while it may bind to fats, it doesn’t do so to a great enough degree that it would ever actually produce measurable weight loss as a result of its effects.

Moreover, it is important to note that if a pill does effectively block fats, then it is vital to the health of the user that he or she first speaks with a doctor. The reason is that when fats are blocked from being absorbed, it also stops a range of essential nutrients such as vitamins and minerals that are fat soluble, from being able to be absorbed into the body. This means that very specific supplementation is required to ensure that deficiencies don’t result.

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