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LipoVoid is marketed as a fat blocker and belly fat burner for men and women. It is a dietary supplement created by VH Nutrition and has been designed to promote fat metabolism, reduce body-fat levels, enhance thermogenesis and boost energy levels.

Coleus Forskohlli Root Extract, Fucoxanthin, Garcinia Cambogia, Bitter Orange, Green Tea, Tumeric, Ginger, Cassia Cinnamon, and Black Pepper are the ingredients that make up the LipoVoid Proprietary Blend, of which there is 1495 mg per serving. One serving size is composed of 2 capsules.

For optimal results, users are directed to take one serving of LipoVoid with 12 ounces of fluid in the morning and once again in the early afternoon (a maximum total of 4 pills per day). Users are cautioned to avoid ingesting caffeine or other stimulants when taking LipoVoid as this may cause hypertension or nervousness.

The reason that there is a risk of these side effects if you ingest stimulants while taking LipoVoid is due to the fact that the formula also contains stimulants. Among these include the caffeine in green tea and, most notably, synephrine, which is found in bitter orange. When synephrine is combined with caffeine or other stimulants it can enhance cardiovascular effects, which can raise blood pressure, and produce other effects that occur when the central nervous system is over-stimulated.

All that being said, while the ingredients in LipoVoid have been researched, none of them have been proven to cause measureable fat loss. Still, the reason why it claims to help with fat blocking is due to the ingredient garcinia cambogia, which is said to block a percentage of fat from being digested. Green tea, fucoxantin, bitter orange, and coleus forskholli contribute to fat burning, while garcinia cambogia is also supposed to help with appetite suppression.

The reality is that, aside from green tea and bitter orange, which have shown to produce energy boosting and some fat burning effects, the other ingredients don’t live up to their claims. Even in the case of green tea and bitter orange, simply because they can boost fat burning, this doesn’t mean taking these ingredients will lead to measureable fat loss, especially not in this un-proven formula.

Due to the fact that this product contains bitter orange, and there is no way of knowing how much because it is part of a proprietary blend, you may want to consider another OTC dietary supplement for weight management. It is also in your best interest to consult with your health care provider about your weight loss goals. He or she can help you find a strategy that is safe and will work best with your lifestyle.

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