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Meratol is a nonprescription weight loss pill that rapidly became very popular due to the number of celebrity endorsements that it has been able to accumulate. The manufacturer of the product claims that it includes three different proven ingredients that allow the user to enjoy improved weight loss as well as enhanced endurance and alertness. The primary claim about the way that weight loss is encouraged through this product is by way of a boosted metabolism.

The Claims Behind How It Works

The way that Meratol claims to work is by increasing the pace by which your body digests food and converts it into usable energy. The faster you metabolize food, the less of it is eventually turned into stored fat on the body. Meratol functions through three primary ingredients that it claims are proven for increasing the metabolic rate. The additional effects of these ingredients are to boost energy levels.

That said, without dieting alongside the use of this product, it is unlikely that any measurable weight will be lost. The reason is that metabolism boosters don’t do all that much on their own. They are most effective when they are combined with cardio exercise, as they provide the necessary energy to work out. When working out, the energy that is produced is burned off right away before it can be stored as fat.

Three Primary Ingredients

The three active ingredients in Meratol are:

  • Cacti-Nea
  • ID-Alg
  • Capsicum

The first ingredient is said to decrease fat gain while it boosts the loss of fluid buildup in the body. This suggests that it is little more than a diuretic. This can appear to cause some weight loss, quite rapidly, but it is very temporary as fat is not lost, it is merely water that is being flushed out of the body. Once the body rehydrates, it will return to its larger size again.

The second ingredient is a seaweed extract that is meant to help to decrease the risk of gaining weight when overeating does occur. However, if weight loss is to occur, a reduced calorie diet would have to be followed, despite the benefits of this ingredient.

Capsicum is an ingredient extracted from hot chili peppers. It increases the body temperature and is known to cause more calories to be burned as heat so that they won’t be stored as fat on the body. Some studies have found that it can provide multiple benefits for metabolic health, particularly for obese individuals. That said, whether enough calories are burned for weight loss depends on the dieter and how much capsicum is actually contained within the product.

Meratol Update June 2020

Meratol could still be purchased when this Meratol review was updated in June 2020. That said, considering it was only sold on certain specific sites, was “currently unavailable” on Amazon, and there was no official website for this diet pill anymore, there is a very good chance that this OTC carb blocker is on its way out.

It should also be mentioned that if you do happen to want to try this weight management aid and manage to purchase it from a reputable seller before it is gone, you should know that the formula has changed from what was listed in the above review.

New Formula Ingredients

The present Meratol formula is composed of the following ingredients:

  • Cactinea Powder – This was also in the original formula and functions as both a tool for weight management and antioxidant health. It is believed to help prevent water retention.
  • Nopal – This ingredient is believed to regulate appetite and lower body fat by supporting the body’s natural fat loss process of breaking down and excreting fat.
  • Ascophylum Nodosum – This ingredient is believed to support weight loss by increasing immunity while at the same time maintaining metabolism. It supposedly helps to lower the build up of fat in the body.
  • Anhydrous Caffeine – Otherwise known as caffeine, it is believed to boost energy and increase mental alertness, further supporting weight management goals.
  • Medicago Stavia L – Known also by the name Lucerne, this ingredient is high in fiber and may help to accelerate digestion and regulate female hormones. It may help to burn more of the calories that are consumed.

All that being said, just like the initial formula, this updated version of Meratol is unproven and its ingredients have never been clinically proven effective for weight loss. Moreover, even if they were considered scientifically beneficial, as was the case with capsicum in the original formula, benefits depend on how much of the ingredients are used.

Ultimately, it is likely in your best interest to avoid this OTC diet pill and consider other options, particularly due to the fact that there is a very good chance it may be discontinued soon, if it hasn’t been already.

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