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Natrol Water Pill

The Natrol Water Pill is a diuretic supplement that is often marketed within the weight loss category. That said, it’s important to note that this, like other water pills, may produce the effect of weight loss, but it is not the same as fat loss and any change it produces is only temporary.

Pills like this one are popular among people who are trying to overcome the bloating and discomfort often associated with fluid retention. Some bodybuilders will sometimes use this type of product ahead of a competition in order to reduce the fluids in their bodies so their muscles will have a more chiseled and defined look.

Fluid can be retained by the body for a number of different reasons. These include diet, dehydration, medication side effects as well as several types of common illness. Because of this, it’s very important to speak with a doctor before deciding to try to treat it. Taking water pills in order to combat certain types of fluid retention can lead to unwanted side effects or could even be dangerous to the health of certain people. Therefore, it’s best to know why you’re retaining water and how a doctor would recommend that you overcome it.

That is not to say that Natrol Water Pill is necessarily dangerous. However, it should not be considered appropriate for everyone and a trip to the doctor is among the best ways for you to know whether or not it might be right for you.

The Natrol Water Pill comes in the form of a tablet. At the time of the writing of this review, its formula consisted of: vitamin B6, potassium, calcium, buchu extract, uvaursi extract, parsley extract, and juniper extract and the pill itself is composed of the following non-active ingredients: cellulose gum, stearic acid, magnesium stearate, glycerine and methylcellulose.

The active ingredients in this product are known for having an impact on water retention through a diuretic effect.

If you find that this product is appropriate for you, it is very important to place a focus on hydration throughout its use. The reason is that using it will place you at an increased risk of dehydration. Drinking water will not cause your body to replace the retained fluids in your tissues. In fact, dehydration is among the most common causes of fluid retention. The reason is that the body perceives too-little water intake as a sign of drought. It therefore retains fluids in order to protect itself. A properly hydrated person is far less likely to retain fluids than someone who isn’t drinking enough water every day.

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