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Natural Max Fat-X is a nonprescription weight loss product that is designed to be a fat inhibitor or fat blocker. According to the marketing for this product, it is meant to decrease the impact that fats have on weight gain.

The manufacturer recommends that this supplement still be taken alongside a diet that consists of no more than 30 percent fat in order to obtain the best benefits that it has to offer. By reducing fat intake by that level, it may help to promote weight loss all by itself.

Of course, the only way to know if it can reduce fat intake to any significant degree is to have a look at the ingredients.

Natural Max Fat-X Ingredients

The ingredients in the Natural Max Fat-X “Inhibitor Blend” include:

  • Paprika fruit extract
  • Turmeric root extract
  • Red wine extract
  • Green tea leaf extract

It also contains cassia nomame, outside of the blend.

Though the Inhibitor Blend does contain some ingredients that are associated with some weight loss benefits, its effectiveness depends on the quantities of the ingredients, which could not be determined as this information was not provided.

That said, Turmeric is a hot ingredient in the diet pill world, at the moment, as it has been associated with binding with certain receptors that can lead fat to burn more quickly. However, the use of turmeric has never been linked with rapid weight loss, but it is thought that it can help a slow and steady fat reduction to be maintained.

Green tea extract is another ingredient known for the promotion of fat burning when used in large quantities due to the EGCG and the caffeine that it contains. However, it must be included in a large amount or its effects won’t be adequate to cause weigh to be lost.

A Closer look at Cassia Nomame

All the other ingredients aside, this formula may help to inhibit the breakdown of fat due to the cassia nomame as it is believed that this ingredient may be able to help inhibit up to a level of 60 percent of consumed fats.

Cassia nomame is a plant from the pea family. It is believed to work by preventing the stomach and intestines from absorbing dietary fat, causing the dietary fat to be undigested and expelled through feces. This may promote weight loss in some people.

There have been studies that have investigated the efficacy of this ingredient as a fat inhibitor and it appears as though some of the flavan dimers isolated from fruits of this plant do have fat inhibiting effects. That being said, there is insufficient scientific evidence to prove if cassia nomame is indeed effective for weight loss.

Of course, as is the case with the other ingredients, its effectiveness would depend on the amount of cassia nomame that is present in the formula, which could not be found at the time of this Natural Max Fat-X review. It also depends on the dieter’s willingness to reduce the amount of fat that they consume every day.

It is Unlikely to Block Fat in a Meaningful Way

Natural Max Fat-X does have a promising list of ingredients, but depending on the way that they are balanced, it could provide effective fat burning and blocking or it could do absolutely nothing.

At the time of this review, there was no way to tell whether or not this product will live up to its potential. It does look as though there is not enough green tea in the Inhibitor Blend, as the total for all of the ingredients is 40mg and that is not an adequate amount, even if it was all green tea. This does not look promising for the balance of the rest of the ingredients.

Natural Max Fat-X Update – April 2020

As of April 2020, this OTC diet pill is unavailable. Information and reviews about this product can still be found online, but it could not be purchased. In fact, even though its Amazon sales page technically still exists in search engines, the page is void of any images or information about this weight management aid. As such, it is safe to assume that it has been discontinued.

Do keep in mind that if you are interested in taking nonprescription diet pills like Natural Max Fat-X that have been developed to block fat or reduce your body’s ability to absorb fat from the food that you consume, etc., take care not to blindly believe the claims made about these products and their ingredients, no matter how good they might sound. Always investigate the ingredients, the manufacturer and consult with your doctor before taking any weight loss pills.

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