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Nutrabolics Thermal XTC

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Nutrabolic Thermal XTC is a diet pill designed for people who are seeking to drop the pounds primarily by upping their activity levels. While many diet pills focus on helping dieters to keep on top what they eat, this one takes a different route by focusing on exercise instead. This product’s features are supposed to be enhanced performance as well as improved results when it is taken before a workout.

Customers have the choice of purchasing this product in two different forms. The first is a capsule and the second is a powder. Capsules are swallowed whole as a pill. However, for people who struggle to swallow pills or who would rather drink their supplements, the powder is mixed with liquid and consumed that way.

The ingredients in the Nutrabolics Thermal XTC formula are meant to work as thermogenesis enhancers. Thermogenesis is the process through which the body produces heat. If that is increased, it means the body will warm up and burn more fat or calories in order to create that added heat. If this is done to a large enough degree and for long enough, it has the potential to measurably boost the reduction of body fat.

At the time of the writing of this review, the formula included the following among its ingredients: L-tyrosine, green coffee bean extract, caffeine anhydrous, Malabar tamarind, African wild mango, evodia, chundan, nutmeg and guggulsterone.

These ingredients are commonplace within the nonprescription weight loss supplement industry. That said, it’s important to point out that only one of those ingredients has a direct proven link between taking it and improving workout performance and results. That ingredient is caffeine anhydrous. Studies have shown that it can enhance a user’s performance while boosting alertness, energy levels and the metabolism.

Some of the remaining ingredients in this product have undergone some preliminary study, but not to the point that any would be considered proven in terms of either safety or effectiveness for workout enhancement leading to weight loss.

That said, not having scientific proof doesn’t necessarily mean that an ingredient won’t work. What it does mean is that there isn’t any evidence to prove that it does. Moreover, it also means that the medical community doesn’t have a set guideline to say how much is effective and at what point the ingredient becomes toxic. It also makes it difficult or even impossible to know what side effects may occur and if the ingredient(s) could conflict with other supplements, medications or medical conditions.

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