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Orlistol Carb & Fat Blocker

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Orlistol Carb & Fat Blocker is a nonprescription weight loss pill marketed to dieters who want faster results. It is manufactured by a company called Nuratech and is listed on the official website. The company sells a handful of other products, as well, such as three versions in its Atrafen line. Atrafen supplements are also diet pills.

In the case of Orlistol Carb & Fat Blocker, as the name suggests, this product is meant to help to reduce the absorption of dietary fats and carbohydrates. This is unlike the Atrafen line which is designed to function as a fat burner.

The official webpage for the product says that its formula is composed of the “highest quality ingredients” but it does not give any indication as to what those ingredients are. This is frustrating for many dieters who would like to be able to check into what they’re purchasing. It also makes it impossible to discuss the product with a doctor because there isn’t anything other than the promises of the company to talk about. A doctor would never recommend a weight loss supplement without actually knowing what is in it.

While this doesn’t mean that the product won’t work, it does suggest a bit of a slip from the company in terms of the care it has taken to inform and educate its customers. It suggests that the company is focused more on selling than on making sure that the customer receives the right product for his or her needs.

Fortunately, the product is also sold on Amazon where a picture of the label is displayed. There, it suggests that the product is made from: chitosan, phaseolus vulgaris, apple cider vinegar powder, garcinia cambogia extract, G. sylvestre, aloe vera extract and California buckthorn.

Unfortunately, none of those ingredients have been proven in large studies published in medical journals in terms of a direct link between their use and fat loss. There are some preliminary studies for some of those substances, but for the most part, there is no real evidence at all. At best, these substances may be worth further study.

This also doesn’t mean that the product won’t work, but the manufacturer will have had no way of knowing precisely how much to use in order to be effective – assuming that they are effective – and also wouldn’t know if the substances are toxic above a certain level or if they can lead to side effects, drug interactions or problems with certain medical conditions.

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