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Phytodren is a nonprescription weight loss supplement that is marketed as being able to provide high levels of weight loss by helping with fat burning, shrinking the appetite, and increasing energy levels. It claims to provide dieters with an alternative to Phentermine but that does not require a doctor’s prescription in order to produce the same benefits.

There are a very large number of pills on the over the counter shelves that make this same claim. To be able to tell whether or not Phytodren has the potential to achieve this goal requires a number of steps, including an analysis of the ingredients that make up the formula as well as of professional and consumer reviews.

The ingredients listed for Phytodren are: andrean cocoa extract, PEA, synephrine HCl, hops, and caffeine. The actual amounts of these five ingredients have recently been added to the official website, which makes it much easier for dieters to be able to compare the quantities of the substances with research that has been conducted on them. Though this does not tell them whether it will be effective for them, personally, or whether this is a safe and effective combination, it does let them know if there is enough of each substance to be effective and if too much has been used to be able to avoid side effects. It is a definite advantage over some pills.

One red flag that does raise when examining this list of ingredients is in the inclusion of synephrine HCl, as it is a chemical cousin to ephedra, which is a substance that has been banned for the FDA in all weight loss products due to very dangerous side effects and some fatalities that were linked to its use. This particular ingredient has a number of warnings against it, including combining it with other stimulants, which Phytodren does as caffeine is one of its ingredients.

The manufacturer of Phytodren does claim to stand behind its product. It provides its users with a significant 90 money back guarantee period in which to use the supplement and yet still receive a refund if not convinced that it works and that it is safe to use. This is quite important as the financial risk associated with these diet pills is considerable at $64.95 per bottle. There are a number of testimonials on the website, but it doesn’t specify whether they are paid endorsements or genuine customer feedback.

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