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Plexus BioCleanse is an over the counter diet pill created to assist individuals who have been suffering from the unpleasant symptoms of bloating. Many people who have busy lifestyles find themselves suffering from bloat because they aren’t consistently receiving the amount of exercise and fiber they require. While it is recommended that a healthier lifestyle be adopted to correct this problem over time, the official website behind this product claims that it can help to reduce the symptoms as a short term treatment.

The official website for this product takes care to underscore that Plexus BioCleanse contains magnesium as one of its ingredients. This nutrient is known to play a role in healthy digestion. However, it is unclear as to why the official description places such an important spotlight on that one substance.

The Plexus Worldwide website also states that there is quite the long list of benefits associated with the use of this product. Among them is that it helps to increase physical energy levels, it offers additional vitamin C which is a powerful and healthy antioxidant, it provides relief for the occasional bout of constipation and it helps to cleanse the gastrointestinal tract. That said, it does point out that this product is not meant to be a remedy for chronic constipation.

This formula is designed to be both gluten free and vegetarian diet friendly. This is good news for people suffering from the occasional case of bloating but who want to make sure a supplement they choose will be appropriate for their dietary needs.

The Plexus BioCleanse ingredients consist of: vitamin C, magnesium, sodium and a bioflavonoid complex (including orange peel, lemon peel and whole quince fruit).

As such, this product isn’t much more than a laxative product. It may help to reduce bloating due to retained fluids and constipation but it will not help to cause fat loss. Any size that is lost through the use of this product will be from temporary water loss and the relief of constipation.

It is very important to speak with a doctor before starting the use of this product. The reason is that the regular use of laxatives as per the directions for this product could cause problems with regularity over time. Moreover, it can also help to make the body more prone to dehydration if fluids are not properly replaced once they have been lost. This product may not be safe for all dieters.

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