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Re:Act Meal Replacement Protein Shake 24.95

Re:Act Meal Replacement Protein Shake

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Re:Act Meal Replacement Protein Shake is a nonprescription weight loss product that is one of several options sold under the Re:Active brand. These products are by DesirableBody and come in different forms such as diet pills. In this specific case, it is meant to provide an alternative to pills, as it is a shake, instead.

These meal replacement protein shakes are described on their official webpage on the website of DesirableBody as being great to get a workout kick started. They claim to increase energy levels in order to improve the results of a workout, and they are said to come in a delicious chocolate flavor. In fact, in the list of four different benefits, the chocolate flavor was listed twice.

The marketing for this product claims that it gives dieters the opportunity to drink something that would seem a “little naughty” but that instead helps to boost protein levels while supporting weight loss or weight maintenance. It is meant to be a sweet treat that will replace a meal and provide the nutrition that is required for proper health. In this light, it appears to be a health product that is disguised as a dessert.

The description of the product stresses the requirement for a workout, quite a bit, suggesting that this product is not necessarily effective on its own, but is instead a tool to help to enhance the effects of workouts. It claims to provide slow burning energy that allows the dieter to keep going longer, to be packed with metabolism boosting green tea and a nutritional multi vitamin complex. It says that it is “loaded with super boosters” such as acai berry and raspberry ketone.

It is important to point out that acai berry has never been proven to do anything beneficial for weight loss. This includes energy boosting or fat burning, despite the claims by many manufacturers to the contrary. Essentially, acai berry is a berry that is high in antioxidants. A dieter would do just as well to eat blueberries or loganberries. In fact, if those berries were eaten fresh or frozen, it would likely be better than consuming acai berry in a processed form. For this reason, a red flag should typically raise when that ingredient is promoted among a product’s main ingredients for weight loss.

To use the Re:Act Meal Replacement Protein Shake, the instructions recommend that a scoop of the powder be mixed with 200 to 300 milliliters of semi-skimmed milk, soy milk, or water. That said, it does not say when or how often to use this product, which is odd for a meal replacement product. From the description, it sounds more like a pre-workout snack.

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