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SlimBay CutBack XT Extreme is an over the counter weight loss supplement sold primarily, if not exclusively, online. The current formulation has changed from the original ingredients list. The first version of this product was found to have an strikingly short shelf-life as a result of a factory error that added too much niacin to the product. This caused some of the first people to try the product to suffer from unwanted side effects.

The manufacturer quickly investigated the issue and followed up on the problem. It changed some of the ingredients in the formula and has been working hard to ensure that customers are safe and satisfied with the product ever since.

The company behind this diet pill, SlimBay, is based in the United Kingdom and first opened its doors in 2005, It has a strong reputation for positive customer support and satisfaction. Still, they occasionally still struggle with marketing and presentation issues with their various products.

The official website for the company does contain a page for SlimBay CutBack XT Extreme, but there is very little product information available on that page. Moreover, despite the fact that it has a social media presence, it is quite rarely active.

According to the official website, this is their top weight management product and it is best used alongside a calorie controlled diet as well as a fitness strategy. It claims that each capsule contains ingredients that are “well known” to “help control weight,” and it does list certain substances. The SlimBay CutBack XT Extreme ingredients mentioned on the website include: Caffeine, Citrus Aurantium, Green Tea Extract, Niacin and L-Tyrosine. That said, it is unclear as to whether or not this is the complete list of ingredients.

No additional information is provided regarding what these supplements contain, what they are supposed to do or how they should be used. This is disappointing as it makes it highly challenging for dieters to be able to properly educate themselves in order to make an informed decision.

At the same time, even with that short list of ingredients, certain potential problems can be seen. For instance, the first two ingredients are powerful stimulants and they are substances against which the FDA has recommended use. A warning has been issued to dieters by the FDA regarding avoiding products containing caffeine and citrus aurantium (synephrine) together as they increase the risk of certain potentially dangerous side effects such as heart attack and stroke.

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