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Proto-Col Thermo-Slim is a weight loss supplement sold ninety capsules at a time under the claim that it will help to boost the metabolism in order to help to shed extra pounds of body fat. Though it is challenging to find any information at all about this product – especially in an official sense – it was possible to find a complete ingredients list to help with the analysis of the efficacy and safety of the product.

The ingredients in proto-col thermo-slim are: Citrus Aurantium powder, L-Tyrosine Powder, Chromium Polynicotinate powder, Green Tea powder, Bioprene powder, Cayenne powder Extract, Guarana powder extract, Pyridoxine Hydrochloride powder, Caffeine anhydrous powder, Gelatine capsule, Starch powder, Magnesium Stearate powder, Silica power.

The majority of the ingredients in this product are not at all different from other weight loss supplements available without a prescription in today’s marketplace. They include a number of elements that are known to cause very unpleasant side effects, so this product should be taken with great caution and never without the recommendation of a doctor – if one could be found to recommend it.

The first ingredient in the product, for example, is citrus aurantium powder, also known as bitter orange. This ingredient is often touted as an ephedra substitute. However, the main problem that is caused by this ingredient is the fact that it not only mimics some of the benefits of ephedra, but it also mimics some of the significant side effects that caused ephedra to be banned by the FDA before it was allowed once more but only in the most limited quantities. Any product containing citrus aurantium should be approached with great caution.

Green tea powder is another ingredient that should be questioned, but not for its safety. Instead, its efficacy should be examined. Though some studies have shown it to be helpful with weight loss, these same studies also showed that the benefits only start when 300 milligrams are consumed every day. Considering the number of ingredients in this product, it is highly likely that a dose of that quantity will be achieved through Proto-Col Thermo-Slim.

Caffeine Anhydrous powder is simply a fancy name for the same caffeine that is found in coffee, soft drinks, tea, and chocolate. It also causes the same side effects, such as jitters, nausea, headaches, and sleeplessness, as it does when taken in high doses through any other caffeinated products. People sensitive to stimulants or who consume other stimulants in food or supplements should avoid this product.

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