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Although many diet pills have had some controversy surrounding them, TrimSpa X32 is one of the products that has experienced some of the most widely seen scandal and storm surrounding its existence. It is currently distributed by a company called NAYA IP LLC, but this is a newer owner of the brand, as it was originally created and sold by Goen Technologies.

What is TrimSpa X32?

The product’s official website claims that using Trimspa X32 will give you a much leaner and sexier body without feeling as hungry. It is made out of a blend of different herbs that have become very popular within the nonprescription weight loss industry. The website suggests that these ingredients will also help the body to increase its rate of fat burning, boost lean muscle growth, and provide a rise in energy levels.

Endorsement by Anna Nicole Smith

Most people who have heard of TrimSpa X32 have done so because of the commercials that once played to advertise it, featuring Anna Nicole Smith. Despite the fact that this celebrity died in 2007, the supplement continues to keep her image in their advertising.

It was under the ownership of Goen Technologies, an American manufacturer, that Anna Nicole Smith first became the public face of the brand. Since the product changed ownership though, it has fallen into a place where it is now pretty much unheard of.

The Rise and Fall of TrimSpa X32

The original product – before the “X32” was added to the name TrimSpa – contained ephedra. This was before the FDA banned the use of that ingredient after it was associated with a risk of seizures and heart damage. The product is now ephedra-free and contains only legal ingredients.

The campaign that made TrimSpa famous was also part of its downfall, as Anna Nicole Smith’s phrase “TrimSpa Baby!” produced considerable awareness and sales, but as it turned out, the company had been making false claims about the benefits of the product and it was fined $1.5 million in 2007. That same year, Smith had died from an overdose of prescription drugs, and by the next year, Goen Technologies had gone bankrupt.

Product Relaunch

Since 2010 the new owners, NAYA IP, LLC had purchased the product, re-launching it in 2013. The ingredients in the current formula include: glucomannan, cocoa extract, green tea extract, hoodia gordonii, glucosamine HCl, citrus naringin, and vanadium. Unfortunately, though these are very popular ingredients within this industry, there have yet to be any reputable scientific studies that would indicate that they contribute to the ability to lose weight.

Where is it Now?

As of October 2021, TrimSpa X32 is still around. Though it is far less popular than it was in its very limited heyday, it continues to make similar claims and markets in the same style it used back at its relaunch.  It uses familiar extreme before and after images and dubious claims of having been “clinically proven” that most informed consumers of today have come to see as red flags.

Reputable diet pill companies no longer make such sketchy claims and promises, as there simply isn’t any solid proof that the product can live up to them.  While this product does have a tab on its official website in which it discusses research, none of the claims made there would be considered acceptable by the medical community. It is described only as “up to” 23.7 pounds of weight loss in 8 weeks. It does not describe how this “research” was conducted, whether any of the participants involved were paid for their results, whether they were employees of the company, or even if more than one person took part. In fact, it doesn’t even specify human subjects.

If this TrimSpa X32 research was of quality worth considering, there would be far more details provided on the site, including a link to the paper published on the subject in a peer-reviewed journal. At the very least, the site would have pointed out that the research was conducted by an independent organization that did not stand to benefit from positive results, and not by the manufacturer itself.

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