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Vital Reds are an over the counter diet supplement designed to provide users with what the official website calls a “concentrated polyphenol blend.” Overall, it is supposed to offer a fat burning boost along with probiotics. The formulation is essentially a blend of various superfruits and other ingredients intended to give the user enhanced digestion, more energy and even healthier looking skin.

Instead of having to swallow a pill, users of this product consume it as a liquid after having combined the “quick-dissolve” mix powder with a liquid. The product is naturally berry flavored to make it more palatable to consume. While this product is sugar-free, it also doesn’t contain any artificial sweeteners. For that matter, it is also soy-free and does not contain lectin. You can purchase Vital Reds in any of three different size options. The smallest size provides a thirty day supply. That said, there is also a ninety day supply and a 180 day supply available.

One of the less appealing features of Vital Reds is that it actually contains more than fifty ingredients in its formula. This may seem appealing to many people, particularly because the manufacturer of this product makes it a point of focus in its marketing, but there are serious drawbacks to an ingredients list of that length.

The reason is that when there are that many substances packed into a supplement you take in small amounts, the odds are very slim that it will contain enough of each of those ingredients to not only create an effect in your body, but to cause one that will be powerful enough that it will benefit you in any measurable way. Just because there are a lot of substances in it, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they’ll all be able to benefit the user.

As the official website and product package do not include a list of the quantities in which each substance has been used – opting instead to provide overall quantities for their proprietary formulas – it’s impossible for a user to check into existing research into those substances to know whether or not this supplement contains enough of everything to matter.

As the official website also does not go to the extent of citing research to support the use of these substances and in the quantities it has used them, this also leaves consumers in the dark about what they are actually using.

Though this by no means implies that the product won’t work, it does mean that there is no way for the user to know whether or not it will without testing it on him or herself. In a market that contains hundreds, if not thousands of rival options, it is difficult to choose Vital Reds over a product that better informs and educates consumers about what it contains and about the published, peer reviewed research that supports the choices made regarding its formula.

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