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Weigh Away

Weigh Away

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Weigh Away from Impakt Fitness has been formulated to help boost metabolism and curb appetite to help with weight loss. This nonprescription diet pill supposedly supports your efforts “in the gym and the kitchen,” making it easier to maintain energy and eat healthy so that you can “be your best self.”

When this Weigh Away review was created the formula was composed of Guarana, Chickweed, Cascara Sagrada, Cleavers, Horsetail, Nettle, Psyllium, Bladderwrack, St. John’s Wort, Kelp.

The recommended dose is to take 2 to 3 capsules, twice a day. No other instructions about how to optimally use this product has been provided.

This is surprising and even irresponsible of the manufacturer for the simple reason that Weigh Away contains the stimulant guarana. This is an herb that contains caffeine. In fact, it typically has a caffeine content that is more than four times as much as coffee beans.

In other words, taking guarana can increase the risk of certain adverse effects, including jitters, sleeplessness, anxiety, upset stomach, headache, heart palpitations and more. Moreover, the manufacturer has not made it clear on the Weight Away supplement facts label how much guarana is in each serving size. That said, as it is the first listed ingredient in the proprietary blend, it is likely that it makes up a notable portion of the blends total .500 g per 1 capsule serving.

Since this is likely the case it is probably a good idea to avoid taking a dose of Weigh Away in the late afternoon or too close to your bedtime to avoid the risk of sleep disturbances and/or insomnia.

Beyond having stimulants, it should also be pointed out that this product primarily contains diuretics (cleavers, nettle) and laxatives (psyllium, bladderwrack). Diuretics cause your body to expel excess water, resulting in you urinating more frequently. Laxatives cause food to move faster through your digestive system, causing you to have more frequent bowel movements, which also results in a loss of water.

In essence, there is a good chance that taking this product may boost mental alertness due to the caffeine and will lead to water loss, which can reduce your weight by a few pounds for the short-term until the water weight returns, because losing water is not the same as losing fat.

Additionally, when taking diuretics and laxatives, it is important to ensure that you are ingesting enough water to compensate for the water you are losing to ensure you do not suffer from dehydration, which can be dangerous.

Based on the ingredients in Weigh Away, this does not appear to be a very responsible, safe or effective product for weight management, especially since the manufacturer does not provide consumers with any real information about the ingredients it contains, how these ingredients can work in the body or proper instructions on how to best use this product.

While you should definitely consult with your healthcare provider before taking Weigh Away, it would no doubt be better to avoid this diet pill altogether and choose another weight management aid from a more reputable brand that has the potential to provide you with support for your weight loss efforts without the additional risk of adverse side effects.

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