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Xenical is a weight loss drug that is available only by prescription. Its manufacturer is the pharmaceutical giant called Roche. The purpose of these pills is to help to make it easier for obese patients to be able to lose weight. It is typically prescribed to individuals who have reached a certain body mass index (BMI), who are at risk of certain health conditions because of their excess weight, and who have not been successful at their previous attempts to reduce their weight using traditional diet plans.

Who is Prescribed Xenical?

Xenical cannot be prescribed to just anyone. Even if a patient is struggling to lose weight and requests it from the doctor, this doesn’t mean that the doctor will be able to prescribe it. The patients are required to meet certain specific criteria to ensure that the potential drawbacks of using this medication will be worth the benefits that it could produce.

For instance, a patient is typically required to have a BMI of at least 30 in order to start the use of this medication. The reason is that the added weight can help to reduce the potential side effects connected with the use of these pills. Someone with a lower weight at the start of the use of this drug would not have this extra level of protection.

Furthermore, the extra weight that the individual is carrying needs to have an impact on the patient’s health, such as a higher risk of diabetes, high blood pressure, or high cholesterol. This way, if there are side effects, they will be worthwhile not just because it makes weight loss easier but because it will help to lower the risk of these obesity linked conditions.

How Does Xenical Work?

Xenical works as a fat blocker. What this means is that when this drug is taken as prescribed, up to a third of all of the consumed fat from food will be stopped from being able to be digested by the body. Instead of being absorbed so that it must be used as energy lest it be converted into stored body fat, this drug blocks some of the fat and causes it to pass straight through the body, instead.

How to Get This Prescription Diet Drug

The generic name for this pill is Orlistat. It is FDA approved and is known to be able to help some dieters in their efforts toward weight control. It can also be purchased over-the-counter under the brand name Alli, which is composed of a lower dosage than the prescription pill.

For people who are looking to buy Xenical, you need to be aware that there are many online scams out there. In the USA, it is illegal to sell prescription weight loss drugs online and any website claiming to do so is suspicious at best. If you think that Xenical might be the right pill for you it is important for you to speak with your doctor and get a proper prescription for it. This will allow you to buy it at a walk-in pharmacy easily.

Prices for Xenical vary. Generic pills sold as Orlistat are often cheaper. At the time of this review, it could be found for approximately $90 USD for a month supply. Coupons can sometimes be found online.

Is This Medication for You?

If you’re wondering if Xenical is the right option for you, talk to your doctor.  Since you’ll need a prescription anyway, it’s the best way to go.  Discuss both the advantages and potential drawbacks of using this drug to reach your goals in overcoming obesity. You will need to keep regular appointments to track your progress along the way and be sure that you’re benefitting as you should.


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