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Xipisan is an over the counter diet pill that has been designed to help dieters by acting like a fat binder. This product has also been sold under the same formula but with a label that calls it Rasva. These products are still both listed on the official manufacturer’s website, but it looks as though ordering either one of these products may now result in a shipment of the Rasva packaged version. Though both products are the same, the name of Xipisan is being phased out and replaced by its alternative.

These two products have both been manufactured by the same company, and their design is such that they are meant to help dieters when they are trying to boost their rate of fat burning so that they can shed the pounds that have built up on their bodies over time. By using Xipisan or Rasva, the process of weight loss is supposed to be a faster and easier one than if the dieter was to stick to an eating strategy and exercise without the added assistance of the pill.

This product is marketing itself as a fat blocker. This is a category of diet pills that has been skyrocketing in popularity among manufacturers and consumers, alike. This can be explained by the number of people who are trying to lose weight due to the epidemic of obesity that has been spreading through many countries of the world, including the U.S.

The official website for this diet pill has provided a description of the way that this product is supposed to work when it is taken into the body. According to the information and illustrations on the website, when these pills are taken, they absorb some of the fat that is ingested through foods. Equally, these pills are also supposed to improve the body’s ability to digest foods, so the fats that are absorbed are used more efficiently. The result is that excess food fats pass through the system undigested and are excreted with the rest of the body’s digestive waste, and digestion as a whole runs much more smoothly.

One point that is worth noting is that the manufacturer of this product has previously received national advertising standards authority warnings as a result of having made untrue claims about what a product could accomplish. Though this issue has since been resolved and the warning is no longer in place, it is important to note that this has been the type of activity in which the company has been previously involved.

This makes it even more important for consumers to carefully research their diet pills before they decide to take them.

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