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XLS Medical Carb Blocker $85

XLS Medical Carb Blocker

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XLS Medical Carb blocker is a nonprescription weight loss supplement that has been created specifically for dieters who want to reduce their weight but whose carbohydrate consumption is proving to be difficult to control. This has become challenging for many people who are attempting to follow a low carb diet but who are used to consuming higher quantities of potatoes, pastas, rice, breads, and other foods of this nature. The average Western diet is quite high in this macronutrient, making this type of diet – as effective as it may be for some people – quite a challenging one.

This product is manufactured in Europe, by a Belgium based company called Omega Pharma. At the time that this review was written, a month’s supply would cost more than $85 (based on current exchange rates). When compared to other diet pills that contain similar types of ingredients to bring the same kind of results, this is quite expensive. It should be noted that there is some clinical evidence to help to back up the claims that the manufacturer has made about what the product can do. Therefore, if this pill can actually do what it claims, it might make it worth its high cost. Unfortunately, the evidence that does exist is quite limited.

The manufacturer, itself, is a large company that has been able to achieve and maintain quite a positive overall reputation and is very well known because of its affiliation with Mark Cavendish, the celebrity cyclist, as well as with the company’s Tour de France competing pro cycling team, Quickstep. It should be noted that while this type of media attention, sports participation and celebrity endorsement may look good, it is more of a reflection of the company’s marketing budget than a guarantee of product effectiveness.

Every bottle of XLS Medical Carb Blocker lasts for 10 days and contains 60 capsules, as the instructions recommend that six pills be taken every day. Many dieters might find that it is not appealing to have to swallow that many pills every day.

The product is designed to decrease the body’s ability to be able to absorb carbohydrates. This helps to decrease the impact of that macronutrient on the body’s metabolism and it negates some of the calories that are consumed in food, so that they will pass directly through the body with the rest of the waste materials. It attempts to accomplish this goal through the primary ingredient, Phaselite, which is made out of the phaseolus vulgaris bean fiber. This particular form is manufactured by InQpharm, another pharmaceutical company.

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